Princess of Lan Ling: New Stills


Official stills are out for the upcoming drama, 兰陵王妃, Princess of Lan Ling. Although the international interest in this drama remains rather low key, I’m rather interested in seeing how this adaptation would go considering how terrible King of Lan Ling became in the second half of its run. The stills are rather pretty, so I’m looking forward to whether the drama would retain the whimsical vibe these stills are giving off.


Zhang Han Yun as the titular Princess of Lan Ling


Andy Chen as the Prince of Lan Ling


Peng Guan Ying as Yu Wen Yong

Andy Chen appears to be the most expressive of the three leads, and I sincerely do hope that Zhang Guan Ying does not act as woodenly as he appears in these stills. Zhang Han Ying is rather pretty, and I do hope she has the acting chops to match up to her looks. Having said, I do admit to being a rather visual person and I do prefer my drama leads to be all rather good looking – so I’m slightly bewildered at the crazy long hair sported by the Princess of Lan Ling here — isn’t it impractical for a man to go around with such long wavy hair, not matter how pretty he is rumoured to be!?


1394781_541938995890512_536261718_n 125918128_21n 125918128_31n

While it remains highly unlikely that the Princess of Lan Ling would generate greater buzz and success as compared to Ariel Lin’s Prince of Lan Ling, I do hope this series would enjoy some moderate measure of success.


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5 Responses to Princess of Lan Ling: New Stills

  1. Feirz says:


    This series is mainland or Hong Kong production? is this series similar to Lan Ling Wang? Is the lead female’s name Yang Xue Wu?

    • dramasbooksandtea says:

      Hello, sorry for the late reply! This series is vastly different from Lan Ling Wang. The female lead’s name is not Yang Xue Wu. This drama is adapted from a book, and revolves around the real life historical character Lan Ling Wang, but it’s pure fiction and a totally different story 🙂

  2. yuna says:

    is there any new news about this? been waiting for a long time to this drama….. 😦

    • dramasbooksandtea says:

      Hi yuna, this drama is apparently still on the shelf. The speculation is that no TV station wants ti pick it up due to the lack of “big names” attached to the drama :/

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this drama are from the real story or just a fiction ?

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