The Youthful You Who Was So Beautiful: Chapter 28.2

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In Chapter 28.2 of The Youthful You Who Was So Beautiful, we finally see what truly happened between Lai Qing and Bei Ye, and the emotional turmoil which Bei Ye underwent to finally decide to pick up the knife, and point it towards an old childhood friend of his. Oh dear, dear, Bei Ye.


Zheng Yi swiftly sat in front of Bei Ye, but the youth still insisted on one condition, “The would inflicted by Chen Nian onto Wei Cai is not deep. Wei Cai was murdered by Lai Qing, so Chen Nian should not be convicted of any crime.”

Before Zheng Yi could even formulate a response to Bei Ye, Bei Ye’s lawyer interjected, “I understand your concern. Don’t worry, if the police officers do level charges against Chen Nian and attempt to prosecute her, I guarantee that I would be more than capable of mounting a successful defense for Chen Nian.”

Zheng Yi hesitated before caving, “What I’m about to disclose is not appropriate given my role as a police officer. However – I just wanted to let you know that we do not, at present, have any evidence on hand which proves that Chen Nian had injured or murdered Wei Cai. In particular, we are especially lacking in physical evidence.”

Upon receiving Zheng Yi’s confirmation, Bei Ye nodded.

He wasn’t responsible for Wei Cai’s murder.

By the time he had arrived at the hill behind the school compound, Wei Cai was already dead.

He conducted a quick check of Wei Cai’s corpse, and saw that there was only one single wound which had been inflicted onto Wei Cai. It was a very deep cut. Aside from that, he was simply unable to locate any other cuts or open wounds on Wei Cai’s corpse. If Chen Nian had used a knife to stab Wei Cai, the necessary inference to be made was that Chen Nian had, whilst tussling with Wei Cai, unintentionally murdered her.

There was a bloodied hand print on Wei Cai’s shirt. Stretching out his hand, Bei Ye compared the size of the bloodied hand print against his, and immediately concluded that the hand print belonged to Chen Nian.

Curious, Zheng Yi asked Bei Ye what he felt upon making such a discovery. Bei Ye responded,

He was extremely calm. For the minutest second, Bei Ye wanted to lodge a police report, but that idea was quickly overturned. Involving the police officers meant that Chen Nian’s action of bringing a knife to meet Wei Cai would be placed under extreme scrutiny – the police officers would investigate whether, from an objective point of view, Wei Cai evinced any intention and/or inclination of wanting to murder or cause grievous harm to Chen Nian, and the police officers would, more likely than not, conclude that there was no such intention and/or inclination – so the argument of ‘self-defense’ is unlikely to work. Regardless of whether the police officers discovered that Wei Cai was the mastermind behind Chen Nian’s bullying incident, or questioned Chen Nian’s motives in bringing a knife to meet Wei Cai, both of these clues would cause irreparable damage and harm to Chen Nian’s credibility.

Bei Ye hurriedly concocted a plan – to disguise himself as the raincoat man. Without a moment’s hesitation, Bei Ye returned home and retrieved the vibrator which his mum had left in the drawer, and utilised the vibrator to create a false image of Wei Cai having been sexually assaulted. Lai Qing possessed numerous raincoats which were near identical to each other; coincidentally, Bei Ye had earlier borrowed one such raincoat from Lai Qing, and simply hadn’t found the time to return it to Lai Qing. Bei Ye decided to put this particular raincoat to good use, and pressed Wei Cai’s fingernails against the raincoat, causing several scratch marks to be left on the raincoat.

Having created sufficient “evidence” of a struggle between the raincoat man and Wei Cai, Bei Ye proceeded to transport Wei Cai’s corpse to the upper reaches of the San Shui river, and buried Wei Cai within the marsh – he had hoped that the marsh would assist to preserve Wei Cai’s corpse, so that in the event Wei Cai’s corpse was discovered in the future, the police officers would be able to quickly discover that the murderer was a male. However, he had little choice but to strip Wei Cai naked – the shirt had to be removed, as it contained Chen Nian’s hand print.

He knew that the torrential downpour that night would cover his motorcycle tracks; he also knew, that there was little to no human traffic in the area surrounding the marsh – the best outcome of his plan was that, Wei Cai’s corpse would remain quietly hidden forever.

But, who could have predicted that one of Wei Cai’s shoes would fall into the gushing river below; and that the San Shui Bridge would collapse one night, inadvertently resulting in the construction workers crowding the area near the marsh?

Wei Cai’s corpse was discovered, and Bei Ye had little choice but to impersonate the raincoat man. Because, as Bei Ye, he had no motivation to murder Wei Cai, and the police officers were bound to discover the numerous links between Wei Cai and Chen Nian. Only by becoming the raincoat man, could Bei Ye possess sufficient motivation to murder Wei Cai, and focus the police officers’ attention towards himself.

Zheng Yi asked when Bei Ye discovered that Lai Zi was the raincoat man.

Bei Ye replied – the second time Lai Zi committed rape. At that time, the victim didn’t lodge a police report; subsequently, Bei Ye took advantage of this fact by divulging the victim’s name to the police officers, thus offering further, irrefutable evidence that he was the raincoat man.

At that time, Lai Qing had accidentally sliced himself with the knife. Afraid to head to the hospital, Lai Qing had requested for Bei Ye to assist in the purchase of bandages and various ointments and creams to stop the bleeding. Bei Ye had lashed out at Lai Qing then, and warned him against continuing his crimes. But Lai Qing paid no heed to Bei Ye, and when he committed his crime the third time, he continued to ask Bei Ye to purchase medicine on his behalf.

Bei Ye told Zheng Yi, that he could have, in actuality, spared Lai Qing’s life.

But, from the moment he discovered Chen Nian’s strange, uncontrollable fear upon seeing Lai Qing, he formed a vague suspicion that Lai Qing was part of the group of perpetrators who had participated in the bullying incident.

Additionally, he was worried that Lai Qing may not be able to control himself, and continue to rape other young women in the future. This would then result in suspicions and doubts being cast on Bei Ye’s identity as the raincoat man, and his entire plan would come to nothing.

Late one night, Bei Ye met up with Lai Qing.

He had no choice – Lai Qing would only cease his criminal acts only when he was dead; and Bei Ye’s impersonation as the raincoat man would only succeed if Lai Qing ceased to commit his criminal acts once Bei Ye was caught.

However, Bei Ye discovered, that he was unable to bring himself to murder Lai Qing.

Lai Qing had preoccupied himself with playing video games earlier that night, and had just commenced wolfing down his supper when Bei Ye arrived. Lai Qing was extremely excited to see Bei Ye after such a long period of time, and enthusiastically placed his arm over Bei Ye’s shoulders whilst hollering “Bei Ge[1]”. Although Lai Zi was, in actuality, the oldest amongst the three of them, he had no relatives and friends, and was frequently tormented and bullied in the welfare centre. He only had Da Kang and Bei Ye, and often consulted Bei Ye whenever he encountered a difficult, or sticky problem. Gradually, he began to address Bei Ye as Bei Ge.

Although Bei Ye was younger than Lai Zi, Lai Qing’s habit of addressing him as Bei Ge caused him to slowly perceive Lai Qing as a younger brother, and he eventually developed a habit of taking particular care of Lai Qing. He just couldn’t bring himself to murder Lai Qing.

Bei Ye wrestled with his inner demons for an extremely long time, before finally deciding to give up on his plan. Turning to Lai Qing, he told him to make a run for it and leave Xi Cheng.

He told Lai Zi, that if he continued to stay in Xi Cheng, Lai Zi’s identity as a raincoat man was bound to be exposed one day. Bei Ye persuaded Lai Qing to leave Xi Cheng, and to leave his life of crime, together with his identity as the raincoat man, behind in Xi Cheng. If Lai Zi continued to commit his criminal acts, it was inevitable that he would be caught and apprehended by the police officers one day – that, was the will of Heaven. After all, although Heaven’s net had wide meshes, nothing escapes from it. And even if Lai Zi, being unable to exercise sufficient self-control, one day chooses to continue to rape women, Bei Ye warned Lai Qing against using the raincoat as a disguise; and even if Lai Zi was apprehended by the police officers, Bei Ye stressed that he should never, ever, admit that he was the real culprit in the case of the raincoat man in Xi Cheng.

Lai Qing saw the sense in Bei Ye’s advice, and agreed to do as Bei Ye said. Wasting no time, he picked up his mobile phone and bade farewell to Da Kang over the phone.

The two youths commenced their final drinking session.

As Chen Nian was still at home, Bei Ye was keen to conclude the drinking session and return home as soon as possible. However, just before he left, Bei Ye made a snap decision to ask Lai Qing – whether, on the night Chen Nian was bullied, Lai Qing had stood by and watched as others tortured her, and whether Lai Qing himself had committed indecent acts against, and assaulted, Chen Nian.

However, before Bei Ye was able to ask the question, Lai Qing spoke, “I’ll listen to you. But, I must say, I do think that I have extremely good luck. After all, I don’t leave behind any clues or evidence which point towards me whenever I opt to commit a crime. This explains why I’ve managed to remain hidden and out of the police officers’ radar till now.”

Unable to mask the unmistakeable pride in his voice, Lai Qing gloated, “When I was the raincoat man, nobody was able to pinpoint me as the criminal, and even when I subsequently murdered someone, nobody was able to conclusive identify me either.”

Jolted from his train of thought, Bei Ye asked, “Murdered someone?”

“Yes – Wei Cai.”

Lai Qing placed his cup of beer down on the table. He knew that Wei Cai had an extremely fiery temper, and thought that it would be extremely interesting to get it on with someone like her. Furthermore, given that Wei Cai frequently bullied and tormented other people, it was unlikely that she’d turn to the police for help – after all, it’d be extremely embarrassing if word (that she had sought the assistance of the police officers) got out, and she’d lose her standing and reputation amongst their group of friends.

At that time, Wei Cai had been injured by Chen Nian, and blood continually seeped out from the wound on her chest. She was about to utilise her mobile phone to call for help when Lai Qing appeared. Lai Qing swiftly gagged Wei Cai with a piece of cloth and bound her hands and legs together before raping her.

After, when he was finally done, Lai Qing  readied himself to leave. Just that, at that very moment, the piece of cloth which had been used to gag Wei Cai loosened. Wei Cai lunged herself at Lai Qing and bit down on his sanitary mask, exposing Lai Qing’s true identity. Despite the loose piece of cloth which continued to gag Wei Cai, Lai Qing was nevertheless able to discern from Wei Cai’s muffled words, her promise to castrate him as revenge for raping her.

Not having encountered such a situation before, Lai Qing blanked out for a good ten seconds. However, he soon regained his composure, and slowly reinserted his knife into the wound which Chen Nian had inflicted onto Wei Cai, before giving it another good, hard stab.

Picking up a tiny, wooden toothpick, Lai Qing utilised the toothpick to stab at a crack in the table. The toothpick pierced the crack in the table for a split second before finally collapsing and lying snugly in the crack.

Bei Ge, it’s pretty odd, isn’t it? The curvature, the length, and even the width of my knife, all of it fit Wei Cai’s wound perfectly; it was as though Wei Cai’s wound was a sheath for my knife! We bought that knife together sometime back, and I must say, it truly is my lucky knife! Unfortunately, because the knife got stained with Wei Cai’s blood, I had no choice but to dispose of the knife in the river. You wouldn’t blame me, right?  — Ah, the knife really brought me insanely good luck, because subsequently, when I returned to the hill behind the school compound, I discovered that Wei Cai’s corpse had gone missing! I suspect that the girl whom Wei Cai met earlier mistakenly thought of herself as the culprit responsible for Wei Cai’s death, and got her family members and relatives to assist in disposing of the corpse.

Bei Ye was unable to describe his feelings at that point in time.

In the end, the true culprit responsible for Wei Cai’s death, is not Chen Nian, but is Lai Qing.

Lai Qing continued gleefully, “If the police officers accuse me of murdering Wei Cai, I’ll simply pin the blame onto the girl whom Wei Cai met earlier, and claim that I only committed the lesser crime of raping Wei Cai at a point in time when she was suffering from fatal injuries and bleeding profusely. That girl will have little choice but to be my scapegoat, and take the rap for Wei Cai’s murder. Oh, although there were several bruises on Wei Cai’s corpse, it wasn’t caused by me – those bruises were a result of the struggle the girl against Wei Cai the night before, hahaha!”

Bei Ye’s senses felt extremely dulled from the alcohol. Propping his head up with one arm, Bei Ye lapsed into a lengthy silence before continuing, “The night before – what do you mean by that?”

“Ah, the night before, I overheard Wei Cai taunting the girl, and challenging the girl to meet her at the hill behind the school compound the next day.”

Lai Qing was extremely drunk at this point in time, and simply shook his head whilst chuckling with laughter.

“I was walking past a dark and dingy alley when, as luck would have it, I saw a group of girls dragging another girl who was entirely naked through the alley, all the whilst hollering that they were selling the naked girl for cheap.

There were a couple of male youths who, out of nervousness, took a few reluctant glances at the girl before leaving, whilst others, like me, felt that it would be a waste not to take advantage of the freebie that had been presented before us. Oh, I even recorded a video of the entire incident, would you like to take a look at it?”

Before Bei Ye could respond, Lai Zi had already whipped out his phone and started to broadcast the video. The arrogant and raucous laughter of the male youths rang out in sharp clarity, none of their words betraying any sense of shame, or pity.

“– Bring her over here, I’mma kiss her.”

“F***, she collapsed again. Bloody hell, I can’t even get her to stand upright even though I’m using my arms to support her – is she playing dead?”

“Did the girls earlier dragging her around inadvertently knocked her into a comatose state? I’ve been touching her all over for a while now, but she’s as unresponsive as a dead pig. Ah, what a let down.”

“Oh wow, her boobs are as smooth as baby’s skin.”

Bei Ye immediately recognized Lai Qing as the person making the final, lewd comment.

When Lai Qing heard his own voice, he began to shake uncontrollably with laughter, and began to enthusiastically recount to Bei Ye, just how smooth and tender the girl’s delicate, porcelain body was, and how, just by merely caressing her frail body, and kissing her, the sexually inexperienced male youths were unable to repress themselves from releasing their fluids.

There were a few who were extremely useless and had, during the process of releasing, inadvertently caused a few drops of their bodily fluid to splatter onto their companions’ hands. This very nearly caused the hot-headed youths to engage in a fight, and they eventually departed from the alley cross and crabby. Only he, Lai Qing, was the “best” amongst all of them – he had actually managed to splatter his bodily fluid all over the girl’s face.

Lai Qing continued his obscene and vulgar description of the girl’s soft skin ad intricate body. He didn’t know, that the girl was Bei Ye’s precious and prized treasure, that the girl was someone whom Bei Ye loved deeply, and dearly.

He didn’t notice, the gradual reddening of Bei Ye’s eyes;

He didn’t know, that on that fateful night, when he reached home and took out his mobile phone to touch himself whilst watching the video of Chen Nian’s frail and naked body, there was another male youth at the other end of Xi Cheng who was forced to clutch a limp and lifeless girl who continually slid down the motorcycle of the male youth as he drove, howling out in sorrow as the rain unrelentingly beat down on them.

Perhaps it was due to the alcohol, but when Bei Ye propped himself up from the seat, his skinny frame rocked with minor trembles.

Lai Qing was entirely focused on the video, his voice raised in excitement as he hollered at the screen, “Force her mouth open!”

He didn’t notice Bei Ye slowly stooping over the toolbox, and eventually grabbing a wrench from within. When Bei Ye finally straightened up and raised his head, silent streams of tears flowed down his face. And, without skipping a beat, Bei Ye raised his arm, and brought the wrench down on Lai Qing’s head.

Having finished listening to Bei Ye’s recount of the entire incident, Zheng Yi lapsed into an extended silence.

Unable to contain his curiosity, Bei Ye’s lawyer inquired, “Why didn’t you confess earlier? Why couldn’t you simply tell the police, from the start, that Lai Qing is the sole culprit responsible for the crimes of the raincoat man, and for Wei Cai’s murder?”

“There’s no need to.” Bei Ye responded matter-of-factly. “The police officers wouldn’t believe me even if I told them.”

If Lai Qing was still alive, and Bei Ye so chose to snitch on Lai Qing, Lai Qing would be placed, once more, in a position which granted him the power to hurt Chen Nian. He would be able to implicate Chen Nian in Wei Cai’s murder, and cause her to undergo countless rounds of unrelenting, stressful interrogations. After all, Chen Nian did voluntarily bring a knife to meet Wei Cai that day – this was an indisputable fact which would be extremely tough to explain and/or justify; Wei Cai’s fierce and demanding parents would never let Chen Nian off the hook, and a deeper analysis of Chen Nian’s motives would result in the discovery of the bullying incident which Chen Nian had suffered at the hands of Wei Cai (resulting, in turn, in a greater number of people learning about the bullying incident). Even if, for whatever reason, Chen Nian managed to craft an acceptable and understandable explanation, the wound which Chen Nian inflicted onto Wei Cai may be the subject of a separate criminal charge – and Bei Ye was simply unable to allow even the slightest blemish on Chen Nian’s records. This was why, even prior to confessing the truth of the entire incident to Zheng Yi, Bei Ye insisted that Chen Nian was not to be convicted of any crime.

But, Lai Qing was dead; even if Bei Ye chose to snitch on Lai Qing and pinned the blame onto him, dead men tell no tales – so why would anyone chose to believe in what Bei Ye said? Rather, people were more likely to be believe that Bei Ye was simply divesting himself of the blame in an attempt to mitigate the punishment to be imposed onto him.

To make matters worse, Bei Ye was a perfect fit for the criminal profile of the raincoat man which Senior Yang produced – Bei Ye’s mum was a prostitute, whilst his father was a rapist; given that Bei Ye grew up in such a dysfunctional family, it would be nobody’s surprise even if he did turn out to be a criminal. His words, unfortunately, would have little to no credibility.

One “single” wound, caused by two different people using identical knives. With Wei Cai’s corpse already showing the initial signs of decay (and increasing the difficulty of forensic pathologist making a finding of there being, in actuality, ‘two’ wounds) who would still place faith in Bei Ye’s words?

Although Bei Ye couldn’t care less about the police officers placing faith (or the lack thereof) in his words, he couldn’t bring himself to let Chen Nian bear any risk. Even if the risk that Chen Nian bore was extremely remote in nature, and was unlikely to materialize into any actual danger, Bei Ye was still extremely averse to the idea.

No. Bei Ye would rather grit his teeth and deny all accusations and/or suggestions which implicated Chen Nian – even if so doing cost him a lifetime of freedom. 

In the end, Chen Nian and Bei Ye’s actions boiled down to two words:- One trusted; whilst the other protected.

Zheng Yi couldn’t help but admit, that he had been utterly, and absolutely, defeated by Bei Ye.


Bei Ye’s lawyer heaved a huge sigh of relief. However, Zheng Yi was unable to relax just yet; although Bei Ye had retracted his confession, Zheng Yi still had to crack his brain over locating and amassing physical evidence which helped to showcase Bei Ye’s innocence.

Just then, Zheng Yi’s mobile phone rang once more. Zheng Yi picked up his mobile phone, and heard Xiao Yao’s uncharacteristically soft and quiet voice, “Zheng Yi.”

Mildly surprised at Xiao Yao’s sudden change, Zheng Yi responded, “What’s up?”

“The interns from the forensic department discovered a pair of shoes in Lai Qing’s apartment – based on their preliminary analysis, the mud that had been left on the shoes appears to contain faint traces of blood stains. They are in the process of sending the shoes back to the police station for further testing, in order to determine the soil composition of the dried mud, and the identity of the person whose DNA corresponds with the DNA of the newly uncovered blood stains. The chief has already given an order to conduct a new, thorough search of the hill behind the school compound.”

Zheng Yi clenched his fists tightly together, and heaved out a deep, labored breath.

“Zheng Yi.”

Zheng Yi turned towards Xiao Yao, patiently waiting for her to complete her sentence. Upon realizing that Xiao Yao had no intention of continuing the conversation, Zheng Yi asked, “Is anything the matter?”

“Nope. It’s just that I was struck by a sudden feeling – that you have a really, really nice-sounding name. [2]”



[1] Bei Ge: Directly translated to Brother Bei. ‘Brother’ is a polite term often used to address people whom one respects and looks up to.

[2] As earlier explained, the pronunciation of “Justice” in Mandarin is Zheng Yi. To Xiao Yao, Officer Zheng has really showcased himself as a true personification and symbolization of justice, and has truly lived up to his name.

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    Is this the last chapter of the book?

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